Methods: Yin-yang 5 elements judgement, Name judgement, I-Ching, Tarot reading, Psychic reading,
Palm reading, etc.

For Reservation

・ Call ☎06-6777-2469 (24hrs) or
・ Make a reservation by LinkIcon[Reservation Form] or
・ Email to m-address.gif.

Session Rate:

(MEETING SESSION) 3,000JPY/30 min.(tax included, 10:00-22:00 JST)


※ We judge every matter about your overall fortune precisely and give you some effective advise . Hitting ratio is more than 90%.
※ We also judge the person in the same profession.

Kinds of Session 1. LinkIconMeet, 2. LinkIconTelecom, 3. LinkIconVisit

1.Meeting Session[10:00-22:00 JST]

大阪 占い

10:00-22:00 3,000JPY/30min.(100JPY/min., tax included)
22:00-10:00 3,000JPY/20min.(150JPY/min., tax included)

3 persons can be in a room for a session at the same time. The reservation has priority, and you should inform your phone number to reserve.

※We often apologize for not taking time for those without reservation.


Toei Bldg. 201, Tamatukurimotomachi 3-26, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0014 JAPAN
・phone: 06-6777-2469
・email: 大阪 占い

2.Telecom Session

1) Telephone, Chat (Skype/LINE) [24hours] 占い,大阪,名付け,玉造,アチャラナータ,陰陽五行,九星気学,霊感,開運,当たる占い,大阪,名付け,玉造,アチャラナータ,陰陽五行,九星気学,霊感,開運,当たる占い,大阪,名付け,玉造,アチャラナータ,陰陽五行,九星気学,霊感,開運,当たる

You don't hit upon any good idea yourself...Don't hesitate to give us a call...Your problem will soon be solved by a positive advice!!

Osaka psychic

・10:00-22:00 3,000JPY/20 min.(150JPY/min.), tax included.
・22:00-10:00 3,000JPY/15 min.(200JPY/min.), tax included.

※ Give us a phone call by a notice of number. You must pay at least 3,000JPY in advance.

・NTT docomo : 090-4769-2355 ※Call Back
・Skype / LINE : ID=acalanet

2) Email [24hours]
LinkIconRequest by email

The rate for email divination is 3,000JPY for yourself and one of your partners, and 1,000JPY for an extra person each. (ex. 4,000JPY for yourself and two other persons)

占い,大阪,名付け,玉造,アチャラナータ,陰陽五行,九星気学,霊感,開運,当たるThe answer to your questions will reach you in 12 hours by email after your payment. Moreover, we will answer your questions twice within 3 days.
※Your divination request will be cancelled unless you pay your rate within 3 days.

3. Visiting Session

LinkIconInquiry about Visiting Session

3,000JPY/30 min.(100JPY/min., tax included, 10:00-22:00 JST)
We will visit your designated place to devine. We can participate in various LinkIconevents.

※5,000JPY/hour and actual transportation expenses
are necessary to visit your place from our office at Tamatsukuri, Osaka.

For Reservation

・ Call ☎06-6777-2469 (24hrs) or
・ Make a reservation by LinkIcon[Reservation Form]or
・ Email to m-address.gif.

You can pay your rate immediately by PayPal.

大阪 占い